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AZ Gives - Steward in Place & Restore the Flow. Let's Go!

In this time of shelter in place across the nation and the globe, we have a unique opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade by connecting more deeply with our uber local environment. Whether it’s your backyard, neighborhood street, or a nearby creek, now is your opportunity to steward in place! 

Over the next two months, join our Steward in Place effort—supported by new online classes, virtual social events, and resources for backyard projects—to continue our work to restore the flow. 

Every action adds up just as every donation adds up. We’re depending on you to invest in our programs and ensure we can continue and adapt our life-changing programs. Now’s your chance to make the most of your donation by giving to our AZ Gives campaign—thanks to a $25,000 matching fund from one of our donors and cash prizes—your gift will leverage additional fund for WMG. We’re counting on you to reach our $75,000 goal, so please make a donation today.  
Make your online donation now!

What you do in your backyard does impact your local creek, river, lake, or ocean. So use your power for good! We’re here to help you build a basin to collect rainwater, divert greywater to water a fruit tree, start a compost pile (or composting toilet), or plant a native habitat garden. While we can’t do this with you in person right now, rest assured all our community events will resume as soon as it’s safe to gather again. In the meantime, we’re going to make virtual learning and stewardship activities easy, fun, and engaging.

We’re starting right away with our annual AZ Gives happy hour, which is now a fun-loving and educational virtual event. We’re bringing back our popular Drunk History of the Santa Cruz – with WMG’s river restoration specialists Trevor Hare and Joaquin Murrieta—5:30 to 7pm on April 7th! Register online to make sure you get the event link and our cocktail recipes. 

Want to make sure you’re included in our Steward in Place virtual events? Join our River Run Network, Green Living Co-op, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Please help us spread this effort by sharing your own backyard projects on social media with the hashtags #StewardinPlace #RestoretheFlow #WMG. 

In solidarity, 
Lisa Shipek
Executive Director