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Joaquin & Christian Sustainable Home Tour


WMG’s Cultural Ecologist Joaquin and WMG Docent Christian love to watch the rain “do its thing” on their site as it slowly spreads and infiltrates into their rain gardens. These homeowners have seen their landscape come to life with the installation of passive water-harvesting systems, and they are passionate about educating others. Additionally, these wildlife enthusiasts have installed a pollinator garden to increase monarch habitat in the Sonoran Desert. Joaquin says, “It’s been great to see the full monarch life cycle from larvae to pupa to butterfly, right in front of the house.” They recently installed a patio area with an interesting Mexican brick design, expanded their vegetable garden, and they claim they have the most beautiful outdoor shower and composting toilet in Tucson! In the backyard, you can say hello to their desert tortoise named “Tortuga,” explore their vibrant chicken coop and enjoy the straw-bale seating area.

Features: Rain Tanks, Rain Gardens, Greywater, Active Solar, Passive Solar, Native Plants & Urban Wildlife Habitat, Compost, Outdoor Shower Composting Toilet, Outdoor Shower, Tippy Tap, Chickens, Laundry to Landscape, Streetside Stormwater Harvesting