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Rain Garden

Plant the Water Before the Tree - Help Your Tree Grow and Thrive with Rainwater!

You can save money, conserve water, reduce flooding, and grow a happier tree with rainwater harvesting! Your tree prefers rainwater over municipal water – which is higher in minerals and salts.

Plants native to the Sonoran desert can survive on local rainfall. Following the establishment of your new tree in your yard, ~2-3 years, they do not need extra irrigation Creating a rain basin is a simple and inexpensive way to harvest rainwater, allow it to soak deeply into the soil, and provide ample water for your tree.

Tecnología Sustentable

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WMG was honored to have 20 students from Mexico and Guatemala participating in the Study of US Institute (SUSI) visit our Living Lab & Learning Center in July 2014. And we're so proud to share this amazing video they produced about their experience here.

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