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WMG brings you the gift of health and vitality with YogaFlow classes

Join us for a weekly sunset yoga hour, every Monday from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., at the Living Lab. Our YogaFlow class leads you through 60 minutes of faster-paced, flow-style, vinyasa yoga. The class is open to anyone looking to reinvigorate your evening and renew your mind with our outdoor yoga hour. Join us on the Living Lab plaza and rejuvenate your flow.

2015 Fall WMG Newsletter

Rainwater on Tap: Drinking Local, By The Numbers

WMG’s Living Lab and Learning Center is quickly on its way to being a rainwater-fed campus—and letting the municipal water lines go dry. Utilizing 3,200 square feet of roof space across two buildings, we are collecting the abundant water that falls from the sky. Ten thousand gallons of this bounty is stored in an underground tank, with another 2,000 gallons held in above-ground cisterns.

Tecnología Sustentable

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WMG was honored to have 20 students from Mexico and Guatemala participating in the Study of US Institute (SUSI) visit our Living Lab & Learning Center in July 2014. And we're so proud to share this amazing video they produced about their experience here.


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