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What's The Buzz Around Lincoln?

Sky Jacobs

WMG Urban Pollinator Lincoln Welding at the Living Lab! Pollinators have swiftly moved in to the Living Lab on our seventh day of Spring. Buzzing around our resident Rio Grande Butterfly Bush, Buddleja sessiliflora, the bees are busy collecting pollen from the clusters of tiny green flowers that have recently come back into bloom. Lisa Shipek, our Executive Director, bought the plant from Desert Survivors several years ago after learning there were only five wild bushes counted for in the Tucson region. What’s more, this species only grows near natural springs in the wild. The pollinators seem to enjoy the conservation effort of Shipek and are unbothered by Lincoln Perino, our Project Manager and Designer, while he cracks his hand at welding a new ADA-accessible ramp. His engineering will allow rainwater to passively flow under the new bridge for plants like our Butterfly Bush to drink from!