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Thank You WMG Donors For Funding A Hydro-Local Movement!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our year-end campaign and helped us reach and surpass our fundraising goal! With your help, we were able to raise over $116,000 to fund our community conservation projects and educational programs. You can still support our work by making a donation here.

If you haven't yet, start the new year right by checking out our music video spoof: Basincito! We had so much fun resuming this annual tradition and spoofing on Harry Styles’ song “Watermelon Sugar.” What better way to pay homage to the humble but mighty rain garden than with singing, dancing, and playful good times?

But really, we’ll do anything to get people interested in rainwater harvesting, native plants, and restoring our watersheds. And like this video spoof, we always infuse fun and creativity into our programs, because why should caring for Mother Earth be a drag?

Basincito: [Spanglish. noun]. My little basin; mi cuenquita; a term of endearment for rain gardens.