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Tales from the Green Living Co-op Files: Marty Johnston

Green Living Co-op Member Marty Johnston. It took Marty Johnston several years of being acquainted with WMG before getting his hands into the dirt. He took some WMG water harvesting classes about four years ago, and, he shares, “eventually, after seeing weekly emails that mentioned the Co-op, one week’s email had a photo of butterflies, and I have always wanted a yard full of butterflies, so I decided to attend.” 

In addition to the skills he has learned by volunteering over 100 hours at the workshops, Johnson explains how his life has benefited tremendously from the Co-op program. 

“I joined the program because I wanted to learn how to attract butterflies. And I got so much more. Like 42 plus millions of Americans, I have some depression and anxiety issues. Among the things that help are exercise, sunlight, being around people and doing things that have a purpose and give a sense of accomplishment,” Marty explains. 

"If the WMG Co-op program had been designed by a psychologist, I doubt that it could be better tailored to help improve people’s psyches. Uniting people to do something good for the world and to accomplish a goal together creates the kind of glue that is so often lacking in contemporary society.”