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Support Dirt Time with BYOB - Help Us Raise $75,000!

In this increasingly virtual world, WMG staff and partners are getting creative to get kids outside and hands in the dirt. Everyone has too much screen time these days, which makes it even more important for us to connect with nature, spend time outdoors, and contribute to the good of the community. Will you support WMG’s nature-based education and conservation programs by making a donation to our year-end campaign?

With the heaviness of COVID, we want to infuse a little more fun and joy in our work. Hence, BYOB!

Our spin on BYOB – Build Your Own Basin – has teachers and families excited. Students design a rainwater harvesting basin for their home and then we provide them a BYOB kit including a native shade tree, native shrubs and grasses, wildflower seeds, organic mulch, and rain gauge for monitoring.

While we’d normally be building rain gardens on their school campus, we’re now multiplying the impact by spreading rain gardens to their homes. Just imagine how they’ll feel the first time they see their hand-dug basin fill up with rainwater to grow their native garden!

If you believe in our BYOB approach and want to see more families have the resources for projects like these, please donate today and help us reach our $75,000 year-end goal.

Learn more about all things BYOB on our new webpage and all about our Build Your Own Basin school project in partnership with Arizona Project Wet.

Let’s BYOB!

Lisa Shipek
Executive Director


P.S. Please consider becoming a monthly donor if you would like to provide consistent support to sustain our programs all year.