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Sneak Peek International Beaver Day, Join Our Campaign!

Beavers are the best example we know of a creature that improves their home in a way that benefits everyone. After collecting accounts from biologists, ecologists, and ranchers on both sides of the border, it’s now clear that beavers in southern Arizona have moved across borders—watershed and international—to establish new populations in Sonora, Mexico, and the Santa Cruz watershed, restoring our creeks one dam at a time. We’re inspired by the beavers’ one watershed approach, and we’re following suit by expanding our Release the Beavers campaign to include the Santa Cruz and San Pedro international rivers, which flow through the U.S., Mexico, and tribal nations.

Will you help us raise $75,000 to support the spread of beaver and all the benefits they bring to our desert creeks, rivers, and watersheds? Donate today, and your gift will be matched.

Wherever there are perennial flows and deeper pools, we want to see beavers! Their dams slow, spread, and sink the flow, improving groundwater levels, supporting flowing rivers and healthy riparian areas. These improvements expand rare wetlands habitat in the desert as well as creating more reliable water supplies for people. Celebrate with us at the Beavers & Brews Binational Bash on International Beaver Day, April 7th, and learn more about the return of our furry friends and how you can help. Check out this video for a sneak peek of the event.

Thank you for joining our Release the Beavers campaign—partnering with beavers to restore our desert rivers. Please consider making a gift today, and your donation will help WMG advocate for new beaver releases, coordinate binational population surveys, and restore critical beaver habitat.

Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P.S. In addition to our virtual event, you can stop by Westbound downtown Tucson between 5p.m. to 9p.m. on April 7th to visit with WMG friends, donate, and pick up some WMG swag. Westbound is donating 10% of all proceeds on International Beaver Day to WMG, so be sure to pick up your brew!