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Restoration Work in the Pantano Jungle

On November 6, River Run Network members joined Catlow Shipek, WMG's Policy & Technical Director, and James Lauder, Project Manager, for some restoration work in the Pantano Jungle! This site is part of Pima County's Cienega Creek Natural Preserve near Vail, close to where our previous RRN restoration workshop was held as well. 

After a short hike through the Pantano Jungle, the group was able to see where previous restoration work was done and identify two areas that needed additional work to slow the river flow and reduce erosion and biodiversity loss. To do this, the group moved large rocks that had been washed downstream to the areas of focus and built triangular structures against the river bank to slow the flow and prevent it from crashing against the vegetation and taking it downstream with them. 

After hours of work, the group successfully set up two structures (shown below) and walked around the area to debrief the workshop. Afterwards, some members of the group walked down to the creek to cool off! 

To stay updated on other restoration workshops and support this work, you can learn more about and join the River Run Network at watershedmg.org/RRN!