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Rain Gardens Have Never Been Easier... or Cheaper!

If you live in Tucson, you want basins. They grow tasty food, cool down our landscape, lessen noise pollution, are beautiful, and survive from storing the rain! We know how cool they are, so we are giving out Basin Kits for free! Sign up for the Virtual Build Your Own Basin (BYOB) class on October 26 or the in-person BYOB on October 30, and you can come pick yours up. 

Wondering what a basin is? That's why we have you attend the class, but in a few words it is a landscape feature that harvest rainwater. Don't worry, we will teach you everything you need to know and also give you an informational zine for reference. After the class you pick up everything you need to create your own basin, which includes a native tree, 2 shrubs, cacti, wildflower seeds, mulch, and we even let people borrow tools. 

After a couple rains, your simple basins will be start looking like the rain garden in the picture below!

We're also seeking donations of native leafy plants and tools to help even more community members have access to a free BYOB kit!