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Help Crowdsource Our BYOB Kits!

Help WMG create hundreds of BYOB kits to distribute in March and April through our BYOB (Build Your Own Basin) Community Swap at the Living Lab.

We’re seeking donated materials and plants to create the BYOB kits and share our abundance with each other. Your donation helps other community members build basins and create rain gardens at home! Donations will be accepted Monday through Friday from 12p.m. to 5p.m at WMG’s Living Lab and Learning Center (1137 N Dodge).

We are seeking the following items as donations:

  • Prickly pear cactus cuttings
  • Sonoran desert cactus pups
  • Sonoran desert wildflower seeds or other native seeds collected
  • Landscaping rock – Catalina granite, Coronado brown, or other 4”-12” rock
  • Sonoran desert native potted trees (velvet mesquite, desert ironwood, blue palo verde, and canyon hackberry)
  • Sonoran desert native potted shrubs such as wolfberry, saltbush, chiltepin, hopseed, desert hackberry, milkweed, dalea, native bunch grasses, and other native pollinator plants
  • Hand tools: shovels, digging bars, picks, hand trowels, rakes
  • Junk mail envelopes (for putting seeds in) and paper bags and cardboard boxes (for putting cactus in)
  • Large, durable bags for loading mulch - old chicken feed or dog feed bags (30-60 lbs)

We are seeking native plant donations, so if you are not as familiar with plants, please check if your plant cuttings or pups are Sonoran Desert natives before donating them. Also, please keep in mind if the items you seek to donate do not fall within the list of desired items, we will not be able to accept them.

Everyone who attends one of our virtual BYOB workshops will be eligible to take home a BYOB kit in March and April. All upcoming BYOB workshops can be found at Watershedmg.org/BYOB.

If you have questions about donating materials, you can reach out to WMG’s Green Infrastructure Coordinator, Luis Salgado, at lsalgado@watershedmg.org.