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Grab your floaties and find your Flow with WMG!

We’re grabbing our swimsuits and floaties here at WMG. Today is the last day of our summer fundraising campaign, and we’ve found our flow thanks to everyone who has made a donation! Thank You! And a very special thanks to the visionary donor who helped us get wet and wild with a $30,000 matching gift.

If you have not had a chance to dive in this summer, will you make a gift to WMG today?

Your dollars directly fund WMG’s 50-year vision to restore flow to our desert rivers and create prosperous communities in healthy urban watersheds. The support of our donors and partners makes this more than a head-in-the-clouds dream. We have built a solid foundation of community programs, robust leadership, and the professional reputation needed to achieve these goals.

Make your tax-deductible gift today and increase your flow!

  • Make a splash and give $25 to fund new water-harvesting classes for the public
  • Make it rain and give $50 to fund a rain garden care training for community members
  • Plunge in and give $100 to fund hands-on workshops through the Co-op to transform people’s yards
  • Take a deep soak and give $500 to fund the development of new demonstration sites in the Arizona, U.S.-Sonora, Mexico border region
  • Release the deluge and give $1,000 to fund our work with municipalities and water utilities on policies to support long-term watershed health


Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P.S. It’s not too late to give! Make a gift today or join our new Flow program to make a gift that endures.

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