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Co-op Volunteer of 2018: Bernadette Eichelberger

Bernadette Eichelberger Bernadette Eichelberger first got involved with WMG in early 2018, and jumped in with both feet! She was one of WMG’s Green Living Co-op top hour-earners – volunteering 53 hours of her time at 11 different Co-ops in 2018. She says she enjoys the workshops because she appreciates “the people, their friendliness and commitment to the environment.”

Bernadette’s connection to WMG began with her interest in implementing rain and greywater harvesting systems on the 2.3 acre property her parents purchased over 40 years ago. “My siblings and I are responsible for providing stewardship of this valuable resource. It’s a challenge we are embracing,” she shares. They currently have greywater plumbing hook-ups from the washing machine and in the three bathrooms, and are working toward setting up gutters and rain tanks in 2019 – along with creating passive systems on the property through earthworks.

“My interest in water harvesting lies in its ability to help mitigate the effects of climate change. I am very grateful that WMG exists, and for WMG’s vision for Co-ops and other water projects that are vital to ensuring Tucson’s future.”