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Challenge match today! Help us create the flow & reach our $60,000 goal.

We've launched our summer fundraising campaign with a bang. You helped us raise $5,000 in the first day of our public campaign! With the match, those gifts provide $10,000 for WMG’s programs. Thank you.

There are still plenty of opportunities for you to show your support. Our goal is to raise $60,000. A generous donor has pledged a matching gift of $30,000, so that means every dollar you give will be doubled—make your gift today to help us meet our goal!

Need some good reasons to make a few clicks with your credit card in hand right now?

  1. You get goosebumps when you dream of our desert rivers flowing again, and you know WMG has the leadership, community programs, and professional reputation to achieve this dream.
  2. You’ve seen the tangible difference our work makes in your backyard, neighborhood, or city.
  3. You’ve gone to a WMG workshop this year and loved it.
  4. You know that even if we aren’t working in your community (yet), WMG’s work has a net positive impact in the world.

Your gift today will help us create and sustain the flow that funds WMG’s amazing, life-changing work. We promise to use your gift to support more classes, new trainings, fun community events, and more strategic time spent with policy makers and local leaders. Thank you for investing in WMG and for your generosity.


Lisa Shipek and the WMG crew

WMG staff at Mt Graham in southeastern Arizona, June 2015.

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