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Build Your Own Basin!

BYOB at home to support groundwater recharge and improve urban landscapes.

Building a water harvesting basin is a simple practice we can all do that invites nature’s abundance into our yards and neighborhoods. Tired of hearing bad news about wildfires raging, record hot summers, droughts, and dried-up rivers? Then building a basin is your antidote! Just imagine standing under the shade of your trees on a hot summer day, watching the birds and butterflies enjoy the wildflowers, and enjoying green space you can share with your neighbors. All while conserving precious water!

All you need is a shovel and a few minutes, as Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar, WMG's Cultural Ecologist, shows in this short video.

You can participate in your very own backyard, and we encourage you to try and get your neighborhos involved, too! To start, head over to Watershedmg.org/BYOB, a webpage devoted to all things BYOB – how-to videos, virtual workshops, and now our very own educational, bilingual zine. Check it out for everything you need to know about building basins, in both Spanish and English. Print one off or keep it with you vitually to save a tree!