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Build a better, wetter future with a gift to WMG!

Your gift to WMG today helps create more resilient communities.

Recently Al Jazeera America interviewed WMG staff to discover what solutions we have to offer California to help resolve their water crisis. We’re happy to share our hope and practical advice, based on over a decade of work in Arizona, to be a model for California and the nation. We can teach everyone to tap into all the same free resources we do—rainwater, greywater, and stormwater—to create abundant opportunities for improving watershed health at homes, schools, businesses, and throughout communities. 

WMG’s success has been built by people like you—people who take initiative to make changes at home and invest in a vision of a greener, wetter, and more resilient Southwest. That’s why we’re asking you to invest in Watershed Management Group through our summer match campaign. Our unique style of community water management is more critical than ever. We still have $18,000 left to raise toward our challenge match. Will you make a donation today and help us reach our total goal of $60,000?    

If you believe in our proactive, solutions-based, community-driven style, please show your support with a gift to WMG. We need you to help us spread these innovative strategies throughout the Southwest and beyond.


Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P.S. You can make a gift that endures by joining Flow, our monthly donor program. Learn more about how Flow members support WMG’s forward looking programs here. Whether you make a one-time gift or join Flow, your gift will be doubled.

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