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Bicycle Friendly Business award for WMG's Living Lab!

WMG received a gold-level Bicycle Friendly Business rating on Earth Day 2015!WMG is proud to be a gold-rated Bicycle Friendly Business according to the League of American Bicyclists! It's something our staff have known for a long time, and we're so excited to celebrate this formal recognition.

With an outdoor shower, a full repair shed, bike mechanic on staff, financial support for alternative commute modes, and a good amount of peer pressure... err encouragement... WMG shows it's love for our bicycle-riding staff every day. And if you've been to an event at our Living Lab, you know we also encourage biking to our events and classes with tons of secure bike parking, fun free bike stickers, and special incentives. So next time you come to the Living Lab, ride your bike and show us your shared passion for this most enjoyable form of transportation.

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