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Tis' the Season to Remove Arundo

The creek is calling - the Tanque Verde Creek, that is! It’s that time of year when the birds are singing, the cacti are fruiting, and WMG staff and volunteers are pumped for another season of restoring flow to our rivers through removing the invasive species, Arundo donax. If it’s your first time doing this important work or your tenth, we invite you to our fall Arundo removal events! Grab your hat, gloves, and water bottle to come join us along the Tanque Verde Creek every Saturday morning from September to December. Learn more about the effort and sign up for workshops here.

We’re also excited to announce the arrival of our fall Arundo workshop punch cards where you can earn prizes for attending multiple events:
  • Attend 3 events and receive a RRN T-shirt
  • Attend 6 events and be invited to an exclusive spring event (stay tuned!)
  • Bring a friend to a workshop and you both receive our new Tanque Verde sticker (limit one friend, one sticker each, one workshop)
Ready for Action? Sign up for our upcoming Arundo Workshops by clicking on the dates below:
All of these workshops are outside and include rough terrain. You will be walking and working in sandy, rocky, possibly wet soils, and navigating through riparian environments as well as participating in medium physical labor activities such as cutting and moving Arundo stalks (similar to bamboo) and digging up roots.