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$21,000 to Raise to Release the Beavers! International Beaver Day Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is International Beaver Day, and we need your help today to ensure beavers can reclaim their role as a keystone species in the Santa Cruz and San Pedro international watersheds. You can get involved in three simple ways: 1) donate to support our work, 2) attend our Beavers and Brew Binational Bash tomorrow to learn more, and 3) join our River Run Network to get involved with on-the-ground efforts.

Donate today to support the international beaver populations in Arizona and Mexico through WMG’s monitoring, education, and restoration work. Help us raise the final $21,000 needed to reach our $75,000 goal by tomorrow, and your gift will be matched!

Register now for our Beavers and Brews Binational Bash, a virtual convergence of believers on both sides of the border, from 6-8p.m. tomorrow night! Grab your drinks and hear stories from biologists, ecologists, and community scientists working directly with beavers in the San Pedro and Santa Cruz international watersheds. Check out this sneak peek!

At the event, we’ll be digging into the unbelievable story of beavers migrating from Arizona to Mexico and establishing new populations. Recent news articles from the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Local Media are helping share this story more widely. We’ve put our own spin on what might have led to this migration in our Beto and Carmen comic strip featured below. What do you think?

I look forward to celebrating International Beaver Day with you tomorrow and adding more beaver believers to the fold.

Release the Beavers!

Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P..S. This year, we are asking our donors to give directly to WMG for our spring fundraiser instead of giving through the AZ Gives Day platform. We wanted to
make the giving experience easier for you and reduce the donation fees, so we’re asking all donations to be given directly to WMG via check or online.