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$18,279 Left to Raise to Support Binational Beaver Restoration. Mejor Castores Que Tractores!

We are one watershed. Or are we? We’ve got the U.S.-Mexico border guards, the border wall, competing water users, climate stress, and pollution. Despite it all, beavers don’t give a dam! Beavers are proving WMG’s mantra, We Are One Watershed, more than all else. They’ve found some allies in Arizona and Mexico—local biologists, conservationists, and ranchers—who are ensuring they are protected and introducing them to new watersheds where they can establish themselves and work on restoring riparian areas across our international watersheds, wherever they find year-round water and deeper pools.

Donate today to help us reach our $75,000 goal to support beaver-led, inspired-by-nature river restoration in Southern Arizona and Sonora Mexico! We have $18,279 left to raise, and all donations made through tomorrow are eligible to be matched. Then join us tomorrow at our virtual Beavers and Brews Binational Bash

The San Pedro River and its nearby rangelands are the lifeblood of the Sonoran rancher and their families. Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar, Cultural Ecologist, and our partners in Mexico know this, and they’re working with ranchers to restore the land and protect our rivers. With partner Pronatura, we’re leading demonstration projects to create healthier rangelands—protecting top soil, reducing erosion, and spreading ground cover such as native grasses. While we’re working on the land, we’re excited to get a little help from our beaver friends on the river side of things. Joaquin says they estimate 40 to 50 beavers in the San Pedro on the Mexico side—and they couldn’t have come from anywhere but the San Pedro! Learn more about Joaquin’s recent trip to Sonora in this video. Oprima aquí para español.

We can’t thank the beavers enough for teaching us how to create healthier binational watersheds! Celebrate with us tomorrow (Wednesday, April 7th) at our Beavers and Brews Binational Bash from 6-8p.m. We’ll have some friends from Sonora and Arizona-based beaver believers who will fill you in on the latest status of beavers in our watershed and what you can do to help.

See you there,

Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P..S. This year, we are asking our donors to give directly to WMG for our spring fundraiser instead of giving through the AZ Gives Day platform. We wanted to
make the giving experience easier for you and reduce the donation fees, so we’re asking all donations to be given directly to WMG via check or online.