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On-site Consultation

Get expert advice and all your questions answered.

One of our experts will come to your home to identify opportunities for water harvesting, native and edible landscapes, wildlife habitat, and integrated design elements around your property. If you are new to water harvesting or just aren’t sure where to get started, this is a great first step to identifying potential projects. We’ll help you plan edible landscapes, control erosion, size and place rain tanks with native plant rain gardens, assess potential for streetside curbcuts and basins for shade trees, identify greywater options, and more, to make the most of your site’s resources. Our consultation packet will give you information about local resources for landscape services and materials, available rebates, and ways to learn more about watershed health.

What you will receive
  • One-hour consultation at your property
  • Aerial photo of your property with a hand-sketched diagram highlighting rain and greywater sources & uses
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Home Design Staff

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Dominick Abbott
Dominick Abbott
Project Designer

Born near Tokyo, but raised in Tucson, Dominick graduated from the U of A in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. His affinity for the natural environment stems from his participation in park clean-up initiatives, as well as his involvement with project design that emphasizes the use sustainable strategies and locally sourced materials.

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Nichole Casebeer
Nichole Casebeer
Community Restoration Program Manager

Born in Phoenix, Nichole attended Montana State University Bozeman where she received two bachelor’s degrees in architecture and international relations. Nichole received her Master’s in Landscape Architecture at the U of A with an emphasis on development practice and environmental planning. Nichole’s work and interests focus on participatory design, urban ecology, and the impacts and benefits of green infrastructure for social welfare in the broader urban fabric. Nichole’s specializations include site-scale rainwater harvesting design, as well as neighborhood-scale green infrastructure planning, design and implementation.

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Lincoln Perino
Lincoln Perino
Senior Green Infrastructure Specialist

Lincoln Perino specializes in implementing landscape projects to manage water from roofs, through the neighborhoods and into our streams. He has over 10 years of experience implementing rainwater harvesting in the urban environment and seven years restoring active streams and wetlands throughout the Southwest. Lincoln is easily at home designing, implementing, or troubleshooting residential and commercial rainwater and greywater harvesting projects including pump-based systems to operating heavy equipment to implement large-scale riparian restoration projects.

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Madeline Ryder
Madeline Ryder
Co-op Program Manager

Madeline's design philosophy is grounded in empowering and encouraging people to feel more at home in their outdoor spaces. She focuses on helping to uncover underlying needs or wants that will bring people outdoors more often and root people in a sense of place and belonging. Her designs are influenced by a background in design implementation and maintenance of existing landscapes, and she incorporates rainwater harvesting and permaculture principles in every design.