Project Plan


Create a plan for your landscaping project.

Our design professionals will meet with you on-site for a consultation to answer all your questions and identify hidden opportunities for water harvesting. Designers will blend water-harvesting features, native and edible gardens, wildlife habitat, and outdoor living features into the landscape of your property. We design with your landscape's water needs in mind and not all landscapes need a tank providing irrigation. Selecting the right native plants and water harvesting principals your property can be greener, flowering, and thriving with limited water use! The cost of the plan starts at $375 and increases with distance from the office and scope of the project.

**Call or email us on a day you got rain and get a 20% discount on your Project Plan Package!


What you will receive
  • One-hour consultation at your property
  • A landscape plan on an aerial image
    • Diagram of general water harvesting opportunities around your property
    • Site-specific design for an intended project area
      • Layout plan showing proposed landscape elements
      • Planting concept showing proposed tree and shrub locations
      • List of contractors to work with and implement the project
      • Resources to help you implement elements of the project on your own
  • A next-steps meeting at our Living Lab and Learning Center to discuss the plan

Please note that there are several factors that may increase the price of the consultation:

The $375 price is standard for homes located within a 10-mile radius of our office. If your home is located outside of our service area and more time is needed to travel to your location. (10-15 miles =$400, 15-30 miles = $425, if more than 30 miles we will determine the cost and get back to you)

The scope of the work you would like done, the size of your property, and revisions to your project plan may require more than our estimated time. Our project designers will get approval of charges for additional work at a rate of $75/hr.

Our designs can be implemented by several licensed contractors that follow our principals for rainwater harvesting and native landscaping. We will share a licensed contractors list with you. 

Example landscape plan

Example landscape plan received after site consultation 

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