Project Plan

Create a plan for your landscaping project.

Our design professionals will meet with you on site for a consultation to answer all your questions and identify hidden opportunities. Our expert designers will masterfully blend water-harvesting features, native and edible gardens, wildlife habitat, and outdoor living features.

What you will receive

  • One-hour consultation at your property
  • A landscape plan on an aerial image
    • Diagram of general water harvesting opportunities around your property
    • Site-specific design for an intended project area
      • Layout plan showing proposed landscape elements
      • Planting concept showing proposed tree and shrub locations with proposed plant lists
  • A cost estimate for a Co-op project
  • A Next Steps meeting at our Living Lab and Learning Center to discuss the plan and estimate
Begin your landscape transformation today. Request our design and project manager services here.

Home Design Staff

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Nichole Casebeer
Nichole Casebeer
Project Designer

Nichole received her Master’s in Landscape Architecture at the U of A. Her interests lie in urban ecology, and asset-based, participatory strategies for neighborhood-scale green infrastructure and restoration projects. 

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Lincoln Perino
Lincoln Perino
Senior Green Infrastructure Specialist

Lincoln Perino specializes in implementing landscape projects to manage water from roofs, through the neighborhoods and into our streams. He has over 10 years of experience implementing rainwater harvesting in the urban environment and seven years restoring active streams and wetlands throughout the Southwest. Lincoln is easily at home designing, implementing, or troubleshooting residential and commercial rainwater and greywater harvesting projects including pump-based systems to operating heavy equipment to implement large-scale riparian restoration projects.