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Conceptual Design Plan for Your Business

Create a schematic design plan for your landscape makeover.

Our design professionals will meet with you on site for a consultation to answer all your questions, identify hidden opportunities, and propose time and money saving strategies. Our expert designers will masterfully blend water-harvesting features, native pollinator-friendly gardens, and artistic and practical landscape features. Your plan will be a roadmap to a step-by-step transformation of your landscape and will include a detailed water budget to help you meet your water demands with on-site renewable water sources.

What you will receive
  • On-site consultation at your property
  • Landscape plan
  • Summary of prioritized recommendations
  • List of local contractors
  • Materials reference sheet
Begin your landscape transformation today. Request our design and project manager services here.Click here to view a portfolio of our landscape designs and installations.

Business Design Staff

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Catlow Shipek
Catlow Shipek
Policy and Technical Director

Catlow Shipek, a founding member of WMG, is a Water Harvesting Certification instructor, and avid practitioner who blends a practical resource management approach with an eye for design. Catlow also has experience in dryland restoration and erosion control practices gained from on-the-ground efforts and past work at the Southwest Watershed Research Center with the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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Kieran Sikdar
Kieran Sikdar
Stormwater Solutions Director

Kieran is a Civil Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager. He utilizes ecological stormwater management design solutions that increase property values through enhanced native landscaping, while providing infrastructure services that reduce flooding risks and cut costs through water conservation. By utilizing all local water resources effectively, Kieran strives to create community design solutions that affordably create high quality of life for people and enhance our natural environment.

Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood
Program Manager

Ryan Wood shares with you his extensive knowledge in water harvesting and permaculture design along with his skills and enthusiasm for creating sustainable livelihoods. As the WMG Phoenix Green Living Co-op Coordinator and Workshop Instructor, Ryan applies his talents while educating the public through hands-on workshops, presentations, consultations, and integrated design services.