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Ward 3 Council Office

Focus: Reduce stormwater runoff through the use of a cistern and earthworks to redirect runoff and utilize on-site.


  • 5'x6' culvert style cistern (wet system)
  • earthworks - basins lined with rocks
  • removal of non-natives and replaced with native plants
  • removal of asphalt to create large basins


  • Bureau of Reclamation - grant funding
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens - plants
  • Southern Arizona Rain Gutters - discount on cistern materials and technical oversight
  • Jessie Byrd, Landscape Architect
Project Start Date:
Jan 2007
Site Type:
Features Implemented: Rainwater Tank Rain Garden/Passive Harvesting
First stage basins.
Workshop volunteers dig out basins.
Removing non-native plants.
Completed rain garden basins.
Rain tank installation for active water harvesting.
Rain tank drains into earthworks basin.