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Ward 1 Council Office

Focus: Reduce use of potable water for irrigation and increase native vegetation by capturing rainwater runoff on-site with earthworks and a cistern.


  • 5'x8' culvert style cistern (dry system)
  • Parking lot retrofit with large basin for runoff
  • Berms and basins
  • Native plants
  • Heritage fig tree support by rainwater cistern on timed irrigation 
  • Wildflowers in easement 


  • Sonoran Institute - Project partner and manager
  • Tucson Native Plant Society - project partner
  • Tucson Clean and Beautiful - plant and tree donations
  • Desert Survivors 
Project Start Date:
Apr 2013
Site Type:
Trees Planted:
7 Trees
Features Implemented: Rain Garden/Passive Harvesting
Project site construction
Project site construction
Voluteer workshop
Volunteer workshop
Completed project
Completed project