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Desert Ashram

Developed a water harvesting master plan to guide site development at this non-denominational meditation and retreat center.  Implemented integrated greywater and rainwater harvesting and erosion control features at multiple buildings onsite.


  • Multiple passive earthworks systems supporting native plants ¬†
  • Branch-drain greywater systems harvesting laundry, shower, and dishwashing greywater, all irrigating mini-orchards
  • One-rock checkdams for erosion control


  • Truth Consciousness Desert Ashram provided volunteers at several workshops
  • United Way - provided volunteers through Days of Caring event
Project Start Date:
Oct 2013
Site Type:
Trees Planted:
12 Trees
Features Implemented: Greywater Rain Garden/Passive Harvesting
Earthworks basins.
Rainwater pipe installation.
Pomegranate and apple trees with javelina protection cages.
Earthworks basins effectively catch rainwater at the base of a branched drain.
Tree planting demo.
Greywater basin excavation.