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WMG Earns National Recognition as Top-Rated Nonprofit

Great Nonprofits


Great non-profits top rated of 2012Thanks to great reviews from our volunteers, partners, and other fans on GreatNonprofits' charity-rating website, Watershed Management Group gained national recognition in April as a Top-rated Nonprofit for 2012.

After we earned almost 30 positive reviews from supporters in the site's 2012 Green Awards, we were also one of 10 nonprofits from across the country featured in Huffington Post as a "Top Local 'Green' Nonprofit" — and in the running for that top title. Again, our fans voted and launched us all the way into second place (and very nearly in the lead!). Thank you to everyone who worked to help shine the spotlight on Watershed Management Group — and more importantly, to everyone who works with us to do that every day. If you missed GreatNonprofits' 2012 Green Awards, you can check out the wonderful testimonials about our community-driven conservation work here, and consider adding one of your own.


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