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City of Tucson Encouraging Citizens to Harvest Rainwater



Michael Conway, a local rain harvester. Photo by KGUN 9. Harvesting the rain seems like a no-brainer, especially these days. Using rainwater that has fallen freely from the sky, typically onto the roof of your home, can be an efficient way to water your plants or fill up your pool. 

Yet there are still many questions: is it too expensive? What are the pros and cons?

What is clear is that our state continues to be in a drought. As of late May, 97% of Arizona is in severe drought. Extreme drought now covers 73% of the state and 16% of Arizona is classified under exceptional drought, which is the worst drought category.

According to water experts in Tucson, there might be a solution for the drought, that will continue: rainwater harvesting. Several thousand residents are currently harvesting water, city officials said. The City of Tucson is encouraging rainwater harvesting. Since 2010, city law requires at least half of the landscaping for any new building using rainwater. The city offers up to a $2,000 one-time rebate for rain harvesting systems at homes and businesses, a one dollar per gallon rebate. In fact, many people who have a harvesting system argue the incentives offered by the city is what helped them any time to install a cistern. More information here.

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