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Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Training

WMG's Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Technical Training provides you with the knowledge and skills to retrofit roadways and urban development to harvest stormwater for landscapes.
Course description

Through WMG's course in Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development, you will gain an understanding of how to utilize green infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID) strategies to manage stormwater and support your community's urban forest. In addition to being low-cost when compared to conventional grey infrastructure, GI/LID strategies offer many benefits: capturing, cleaning, and infiltrating storm water; improving urban wildlife habitat; shading and cooling streets and buildings; and calming traffic. This course offers you an in-depth professional training on the "how to" of GI and LID concepts, design, and best practices to enhance your community and practice.

No GI/LID trainings scheduled at this time
Course curriculum

This course is taught through a combination of in-class and hands-on experiences with a focus on best practices for design, implementation, and maintenance of GI features. You will gain knowledge of:

  • Benefits of GI urban forests and community spaces
  • Unique tree needs in GI landscapes
  • Community engagement strategies to promote GI
  • How to identify GI opportunities
  • Assessing the performance of GI features
  • Measuring the benefits of GI
  • Proper tree and vegetation maintenance practices for GI landscapes
Expert instructors

Catlow Shipek combines his experience as a Watershed Manager, stormwater resource planner and restorationist with over 10 years of experience in green infrastructure/low impact development design, watershed restoration, and cost benefit analysis. His focus is to implement green stormwater infrastructure practices on a broad scale for water supply, critical flood mitigation, and to shade and beautify our communities while repairing our urban watersheds and rivers.

Ryan Wood is a Certified Water Harvesting Practitioner, Permaculture Designer, and a Master Watershed Steward. With an Associates of Applied Technology degree from ITT, Ryan has a background in architecture and landscape design and also works as a graphic/web designer. He co-teaches water harvesting during permaculture design courses and has over 10 years experience designing and implementing water harvesting projects along streets, at residences, and with churches, libraries, and schools throughout the greater Phoenix valley.


Fee information varies by training and will be included in event listings.

  • The cost includes snacks and a vegetarian lunch made with locally-sourced produce.
  • This course usually provides CECs for CFMs and CEUs for ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Worker, Municipal Specialist, and Board Master Arborists. Check event listing for details.

For more information about this course or other Technical Trainings, please email us or call 520-396-3266.

This training is a part of WMG's Watershed Technical Trainings program, which provides advanced trainings in green infrastructure, water harvesting, eco-sanitation, and watershed restoration. WMG's goal is to transfer this advanced technical knowledge to residents, professionals, educators, and community activists who will integrate these practices into their work and teach others.