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Ferro-cement Cistern Construction Training

WMG's Ferro-cement Cistern Construction Technical Training provides you with skills in design and construction techniques for ferro-cement rainwater cisterns.
Course description

Ferro-cement—a combination of ferrous (iron) and cement—is a durable, rainwater cistern construction technique applicable worldwide. This course combines in-class sessions and a hands-on construction workshop to give you an overview of the use and function of ferro-cement cisterns around the world and a detailed understanding of design and construction techniques.

Course curriculum
  • Ferro-cement rainwater tank construction techniques
  • Ferro-cement adaptability world-wide and case-studies
  • Review of design calculations (runoff and demand)
  • Safety and risks
  • Plumbing best practices
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
Course texts

Students will be provided with course handouts. Prior review of Water Storage by Art Ludwig is recommended.


Fee information varies by training and will be included in event listings.

  • The cost includes gourmet snacks and lunch made with locally sourced produce and a Certificate of Completion for full course attendance (upon request).
  • Alumni of the WMG's Water Harvesting Certification or other Technical Trainings receive a discount on the registration costs.
Expert instructor

Mark Ragel, owner of Water Harvesting International. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mark started in the pool and spa business. In 2008, Mark traveled to Africa where he used his expertise in the pool industry to install lifesaving rainwater-collection cisterns. The experience changed Mark’s life and business focus, and he went on to found Water Harvesting International. Water Harvesting International installs above- and below-ground cisterns of all types including FDA-approved drinking water storage systems. They also specialize in conversion of existing swimming pools into water storage cisterns. Mark was praised by students in a previous course as a “patient yet energetic and engaging teacher”.


For more information about this course or other Technical Trainings, please email us or call 520-396-3266.

This training is a part of WMG's Watershed Technical Trainings program, which provides advanced trainings in green infrastructure, water harvesting, eco-sanitation, and watershed restoration. WMG's goal is to transfer this advanced technical knowledge to residents, professionals, educators, and community activists who will integrate these practices into their work and teach others.