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Hydrate the Valley

Design your sustainable backyard oasis! 

WMG wants to hydrate your neighborhood with our landscape project series in cities across the Valley. Join us for your favorite topic, or attend the full series to build a comprehensive site plan. Each presentation includes a mini-project to create an action plan for your home.

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Schedule of Virtual Field Studies Classes

These virtual classes are for anyone that wants to learn how to become a steward of the environment. Classes, focus on the working systems to improve soil health, care for your urban forest, grow a cornucopia of tasty Sonoran foods, and more.

See the full schedule of classes here.

Hydrate the Valley: Live & Virtual!

Since we started our Hydrate program in 2015, we have hosted free water harvesting classes in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and Glendale. We are excited to announce that hydrate classes will be held in Phoenix, Fountain Hills and Surprise for 2020!


Phoenix, September 2020 - Dates + Times + Registration coming soon

Surprise, Wednesdays from October 21 -November 18, 2020 - Times + Registration coming soon

Fountain Hills - Classes will be held in person, Dates + Times + Registration coming soon



Please contact Harold Thomas with any questions, or if your business would like to sponsor these events.

Session descriptions

Hydrate Your Yard

This session is all about WMG's 3 "S"s: slow, spread, and sink. Learn how to use passive rainwater harvesting to create a series of berms, basins, and swales that will direct rainwater to beneficial use for plants while reducing flooding and erosion in your yard. These practices will slow the flow of the water, spread it across the areas where it's needed, and sink it into the ground.

Class project: Rain garden sizing and placement

Hydrate Your Plants

How can you create a beautiful, lush landscape while conserving water? We'll show you how to select native plants to build wildlife habitat, shade your home, and create an appealing landscape for your yard. If you're looking for the best trees and plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, bloom bright with color, or cool off your home with shade, we've got you covered.  

Class project: Plant plan for your home – type, location, and benefits of native plants you will use

Hydrate Your Food

Rain tanks are like rain barrels, only upgraded: bigger, better, and your harvested rainwater lasts longer. While most rain barrels hold about 50 gallons of water, rain tanks can hold 1,000 gallons or more, capturing water from several storms and storing it for use over the course of many drier months. WMG will show you how to use rain tanks as an active form of rainwater harvesting to nourish your vegetable and herb gardens throughout the year.

Class project: Action plan for size and type of tank needed to support your garden

Hydrate Your Soils

Urban yards have the potential to produce well beyond their natural productivity without needing costly store products by integrating the use of typical waste streams such as greywater, stormwater, plant trimmings, and more. You'll learn how to assess your yard's soil type and simple ways to effectively use typical household wastes to build soil health and promote productive urban landscapes.

Class project: Soil resource plan

Hydrate With Greywater

Did you know that an average household's laundry water produces enough greywater to support a backyard fruit tree? We'll show you how to use a laundry-to-landscape system to recycle this greywater for use in your yard to nourish plants and reduce your municipal water usage. This session will cover best practices for greywater use and will guide you to creating a greywater action plan for your home.

Class project: Greywater action plan

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