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2016 WMG Annual Report: We Are One Watershed

2016 WMG Annual Report: We Are One Watershed cover

Dear Readers,

WMG is poised to lead, innovate, and grow in 2017, standing tall on the foundation of all we achieved together last year. Our foundation is strong, thanks to your investment as donors, volunteers, docents, clients, and students. The current political climate is sending out tremors of hate, fear, and division, but our organization stands undivided, based on the truth that We Are One Watershed.

We’re not distracted by the turmoil and fear mongering; instead, we’re amplifying our role as thought leaders and community builders with intense focus on our mission. This year, we’ve sharpened the focus with our 2017 Resolutions to be more inclusive with our programs and stay true to our values.

2016 marked my 10 year anniversary as Executive Director and the start of WMG’s transition from an adolescent, growing organization to a mature, sustainable organization. We’ve set long-term goals, and we’re putting the structure in place to achieve them, from launching the River Run Network (pg 3), to building a strong science program at the Living Lab (pg 11), and from digging into policy work (pg 8), to transitioning to a profit-based financial model (pg 14).

As we share the highlights of 2016 with you, we’re also putting out a call to action to look past the turmoil and join us in building united communities that are prosperous for both people and nature.

Lisa Shipek