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Join the Monsoon Squad

The Monsoon Squad is a group of dedicated volunteers who care for WMG’s community rain gardens in Tucson.

Why Should I Join the Monsoon Squad?

Benefits for You

You'll get access to exclusive educational trainings with WMG staff and guest instructors. Gain knowledge about plant and wildlife identification; gardening for birds, bees, and butterflies; best practices for plant health; rainwater and greywater harvesting techniques; best practices to care for cisterns and rain gardens; soil health; and watershed restoration.

Monsoon Squad members also enjoy an annual guided field trip and awards ceremony! In addition, you'll earn WMG Green Living Co-op hours to help you save money on a future water-harvesting landscape project at your home.

Benefits for the Community

These public rain gardens beautify our neighborhoods and provide examples of water harvesting in action. Attractive sites to demonstrate how these practices use our precious natural resources wisely while providing shade, habitat, and food will inspire people throughout our community and region to adopt these practices.

Data collected by our Squad members will be used to demonstrate the financial, practical, and environmental benefits of rain gardens to public officials and community members.

Become a Monsoon Squad Member

You can join the Squad any time! We host periodic orientations and trainings throughout the year. Complete the form below and we'll get in touch.

Your information
Use proper capitalization
Format: 520-555-5555
Format: 1234 W Ironwood Ave #A4
Will be used to assign you to a WMG rain garden as close to your home as possible.
Every effort will be made to assign you to the demo site nearest your home.
Note: Monsoon Squad members may need to periodically enter water-harvesting areas with uneven grades, rocks, thorny plants, etc.