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Ciénega Creek Streamshed

The Goal: To restore seasonal and year-long creek flow supported by stable groundwater levels. 
WMG's Work

The Ciénega Watershed Partnership has enlisted our help in creating a restoration plan to begin the process of revitalizing and conserving this important area. Through a prioritization process led by WMG’s Trevor Hare, we gathered input from stakeholders through a collaborative process. Out of this process WMG will produce a guide to prioritize where and how we initiate conservation actions. 

Current Trends

Ciénega Creek currently contributes up to 40% of all recharge for the Tucson Basin aquifer. Yet, like so many waterways in the Tucson area, Ciénega Creek flows only seasonally, in part due to shallow groundwater pumping. Its banks are also suffering from erosion and an influx of non-native invasive species that choke out important native species. Plants, trees, animals, and humans all depend on the water and habitat the creek provides, but these resources are under threat.

Explore the Interactive Map

The map below contains data layers which may be checked on and off. To view available layers for display, click on the legend icon in the upper left of the map. Then click on the sub-label in the legend or on the map where you are interested in learning more information. Pan or zoom in and out to navigate.

Streamshed Priority Actions

Streamshed Priority Action Stewardship Map, download here: coming soon

Annual Flow Budget Dashboard: coming soon

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Streamshed Area: 461 sq.miles
Shallow Groundwater Area: 13 sq.miles
Cienega Creek Channel Length: 23 miles