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Tucson Co-op Workshop: A WTF Build Earthworks Extravaganza

Event Date:
Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 7:00am to 12:00pm
Event Address:
Dodge Blvd & Glenn St
Tucson, AZ 85716

It's time for our second WTF Co-op workshop of the year! 
*WTF does WTF mean?*(See below.)

This workshop will focus on transforming a bare front yard into a dynamic, beautiful and shade-filled space. Volunteers will create basins collecting rainwater from both the yard and street to feed several new trees and establish a native cacti and succulent garden. There will also be a chance to work on some between-basin plumbing, building rock structures for erosion control, and planting native species.

The educational workshop is led by WMG's up-and-coming Project Manager Madeline Ryder with support from Co-op Program Manager Emma Stahl-Wert. 

*"WTF does WTF mean?" may be a question on your mind if you've never seen the term before. Thankfully, many thoughtful people and organizations have gone before us in writing about this term and the importance of these spaces. Our friends at Tucson's local Bicycle Inter-Community Art & Salvage shop (BICAS) have great material for you to read and learn from on their WTF page. 

WMG hopes to create more inclusive and safe spaces in which to teach and learn rainwater harvesting skills as part of our 2017 "One Watershed" Resolutions. At WTF Build Co-op workshops and tool trainings, we look forward to seeing all persons who identify as female, transgender, femme, genderqueer, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or who feel that their socialization or treatment as a woman, transperson*, and/or femme has impeded their participation in technical skills work related to landscaping, plumbing, power tool use and outdoor labor. Water harvesting takes all those skills and more, and everyone should have equal access to these learning opportunities!