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An Update on the Green Living Co-op During COVID Times

First off, to all of the co-op volunteers and community members: We miss you!! We miss the groggy workshop welcome circles, the dreams and goals of our clients, and seeing a yard transformed or a rain tank installed in a half-day filled with sweat, laughter, and learning with friends and neighbors. Building community, one basin at a time, is the heart of our program and we assure you we want to get back to that safely and as soon as possible.

Public health guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are shifting constantly. Unfortunately, Arizona has become a hotspot for the disease. Beyond our beloved co-op workshops, our ultimate goal is the health, safety, and prosperity of our community. This means that what we can offer may change (again) in the coming months, but here's what we are currently running with for our program:


Mini Co-op Workshops

We are scheduling mini-workshops with a WMG project manager and assistant, and up to two volunteers. Everyone wears a mask and practices social distancing of 6ft or more. Each person gets their own set of tools for the day and tools are disinfected before and after the workshop. While we might be physically distant, the learning opportunities are more personal with one-on-one teaching!

Co-op Installations

We are also offering more traditional installations where WMG staff complete your project. The staff follow the same social distancing guidelines as the mini co-op workshops.

Co-op Hours

Have you had a workshop and need to complete your 16 co-op hours? Contact us about volunteer opportunities at upcoming mini-workshops! We are happy to pair you with what your particular learning interests may be (greywater, rain tanks, earthworks, etc.). This is a great opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge from experienced staff.

Do you want a co-op workshop and need hours? Contact us about volunteer opportunities, and we'll find what interests you most! If cost is an issue, we also provide discounts for qualifying limited income households.

Do you water harvesting hopes for your property? We can support your water harvesting project in many ways!

If you have ideas, feedback, or concerns about the Green Living Co-op, please let us know! We are all in this together, and we appreciate your thoughtful suggestions. Contact us at co-op@watershedmg.org