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Hydrate Glendale Returns in May!

Hydrate Glendale takes place Wednesdays in May. WMG's free, 5-class Hydrate series returns Wednesdays in May! You'll gain knowledge on how to use rainwater and greywater to hydrate your landscape. Plus, you'll learn how going hydro-local reduces your dependency on Colorado River water. 

You can join us for your favorite topic, or attend the full series to build a comprehensive site plan. Each presentation includes a mini-project to create an action plan for your home. The series' topics include (click on the links for details & to register):

Hydrate Your Yard (May 1)
Hydrate Your Plants (May 8)
Hydrate Your Food (May 15)
Hydrate Your Soils (May 22)
Hydrate with Greywater (May 29)