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Help Remove an Invasive Species in the Tanque Verde Creek!

Watershed Management Group, through the River Run Network Program, is excited to tackle the removal of an invasive species, Arundo donax (giant reed), from along Tanque Verde Creek in east Tucson. We are thankful for funding support from the Arizona State Department of Forestry and Fire Management through their Invasive Plant Removal program and also supportive landowners along the Tanque Verde Creek with whom we are coordinating removal efforts. Arundo is classified as a noxious weed by the state and can out-compete native plants for access to water and sunlight as well as increase flood risks and even carry wildfire.

The River Run Network is excited to hold work days to remove Arundo and enhance the riparian forest in the Tanque Verde Creek. Come work with WMG Staff in a beautiful riparian area to learn how you can help restore our heritage of flowing rivers and magnificent riparian forests by helping us remove this invasive species.

Workshop Dates & Registration (click on the date to register)
All workshops are from 8:30am - 12:30pm