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Community Water Coalition

Community Water CoalitionThe Community Water Coalition's mission is to provide leadership and guidance toward water policy that sustains healthy ecosystems and quality of life in the Tucson area and lower Santa Cruz watershed.

What is the Coalition?

We are a diverse group of Tucson-based organizations focused on ensuring our water supply and quality and making sure our water use matches our community's water values. We heavily promote water conservation and the use of renewable water for growing local food, shading streets, and creating wildlife habitat.

Watershed Management Group is excited to be a member of the Coalition and working on policies and programs for a secure and resilient water future. Since its inception in 2010, WMG has taken a leadership role in the Coalition by acting as the fiscal agent and primary fiscal sponsor; sitting on the Advisory Committee and filling the role of Treasurer; and hosting office space for the Coalition's part-time coordinator.

The Coalition's work

The Community Water Coalition works to:
  • inform the public on important issues related to water security, quality, and use
  • encourage local leadership to act in the best interest of sustainable water policy for our region
  • engage statewide networks to respond to threats that impact our local watershed
Important issues the Community Water Coalition is working on:
  • a strong and meaningful Tucson Water Service Area Policy
  • Conservation Effluent Pool (reclaimed water) restoration projects
  • restoring our desert rivers and protecting shallow groundwater
  • impacts to the watershed of the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine

Join the Coalition

You can learn more about the Community Water Coalition, join as an organization, business, or individual, and pay dues at the CWC website. If you would like more information about membership in the Coalition, please contact watercoalition@watershedmg.org.

The Coalition needs your support

You can support this work with a contribution. Please make your gift online or mail a check payable to Watershed Management Group, 1137 N Dodge Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716 (write CWC in the memo). Donations to the Community Water Coalition are tax-deductible under Watershed Management Group’s 501c3 status.